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Trapshooting Hall of Fame

Trapshooting Hall of Fame
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About the Hall of Fame Museum

From 1900 to 1923 the Grand American Trapshooting Tournament was held at various places throughout the United States. In 1924, discount a permanent clubhouse and trap line were constructed by the association on land purchased by the Amateur Trapshooting Association in Vandalia, Ohio.

The Hall of Fame (HOF) was founded in 1968 and held its first induction banquet in 1969.  Its purpose is to preserve the history and artifacts of trapshooting and to honor outstanding persons in the sport.  This year (2013) will mark our 45th induction ceremony.  After which, we will have 160 enshrinees (28 women and 132 men).

Hall of Fame candidates are selected from two groups: Persons whose efforts have made significant contributions to the growth and betterment of trapshooting, and participants who have made impressive records in trapshooting. Candidates are eligible for selection after 20 years of participation in the sport.

In 2006, The Grand American Trapshooting Tournament moved to The World Shooting & Recreational Complex in Sparta, Illinois.  In 2012 The A.T.A. moved their offices there as well. Currently, the Museum is in a transition stage as we will have a new museum there.  Unfortunately, there are no public displays at this time.  However, our office staff is still available. 

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